About me

Hello! I am a first year PhD student at Sorbonne Université, under the direction of Sylvain Lamprier and Edouard Oyallon, in the Machine Learning & Deep Learning for Information Access (MLIA) team of the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6) laboratory.

My main interest are in deep learning, statistical learning, computer vision and natural language processing.

I followed the Cursus Ingénieur of Ecole Polytechnique in 2016. For my fourth year, I got accepted into the double-cursus of Télécom Paris as an engineer and the Research Master MVA (Maths, Vision, Learning) of ENS Paris-Saclay. I just finished an internship at INRIA Paris in the CoML (Cognitive Machine Learning) team, studying the notion of analogies in static word embeddings.